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3. Dezember 2017 Aus

Prepare for Today’s Feels Trip with “Oathkeeper” by 4AM

Von Scott Freedom

The latest 4AM release will take you on a 4 minute, 13 second emotional roller coaster. Listening to “Oathkeeper” was an adventure starting from the lead synth, which was aptly accompanied by the most beautiful vocals from heirlo at the very first second of song. Goosebumps had already arrived, and those little guys would be

14. April 2017 Aus

Valentine and 4AM Make Magic with Moving Castle’s “Us”

Von Scott Freedom

One of my favorite producers of future-bass right now is Valentine. If you’re a sucker for love, ice cream, and your old N64, Valentine is the nostalgia you’ve been looking for. The quickly emerging DJ has teamed up with the hyper intelligent 4AM  to release “Us” as an official initiation into the popular angelic label Moving Castle, founded by