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20. April 2016 Aus

Deadmau5 Wants To Purchase The 2017 Ford GT

Von Scott Freedom

Deadmau5 sure does love his supercars. Whether it’s a McLaren P1, a Ferrari and a Lamborghini, Deadmau5 loves having the latest and greatest supercars that the auto industry has to over. Via his Twitch Feed, Deadmau5 decided to stream his application process in order to purchase the 2017 Ford GT which has an asking price of $450,000 USD. yeah? yeah. @Ford https://t.co/UC9bOwEtz8 pic.twitter.com/YF8X2CfhYv — dead mow cinco (@deadmau5) April 13, 2016 What kind of wrap and name will Deadmau5 give this one?