MiNDTRiX Gives Travis Marshes “Lay Me Down” An All New Flare

Brand new artist MiNDTRiX has just returned with his second release to date, a remix of “Lay Me Down” by Travis Marsh. MiNDTRiX is the official winner of the Travis March remix contest, which tasked producer around the world to take the urban rock single and turn it in to a dance music hit. That

Paul van Dyk releases near flawless 8th studio album, ‘From Then On’

Iconic German trance producer & DJ Paul van Dyk has released his 8th album, a fantastic 14-track LP entitled ‘From Then On‘. The album is another classic trance record from one of dance music’s most beloved and longest enduring artists. Overcoming Tragedy ‘From Then On‘ was made in the months following a horrific accident in

The DJ Mag Top 100 DJs 2017 List Has Allegedly Leaked

Even though DJ Mag will officially live stream the Top 100 results tomorrow, an alleged “leaked” rankings have been making their rounds on social media. The Top 100 DJs leak has Martin Garrix at number one again, however it has The Chainsmokers ranking at the number 2 position. While The Chainsmokers have had worldwide success,

Taylor Swift Is Apparently Throwing Shade at Calvin Harris in ‘Gorgeous’

When Taylor Swift released the music video for “Look What You Made Me Do,” fans believed that Swift was throwing some major shade at her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris. With her most recent release titled “Gorgeous,” fans once again believe that Taylor Swift is throwing some shade at Calvin Harris. “I got a boyfriend, he’s older