Dirtybird Campout West 2018 Mix Series: Dateless & Lucati

The musical tastemakers that will be gracing the stage at this year’s Dirtybird Campout West continue to showcase their talents in the 2018 Mix Series. The mixes have given a chance for campers to enjoy the soundtrack to their weekend in advance as excitement builds and the event draws near. So far, the series has

Dj Overule teams up with Mello to deliver a stomping tribal infused tune “Balik”

Featuring plenty of tribal sounds and jungle terror influence on a top trap beat, “Balik” is nothing short of a banging tune, with just the right amount of energy to make a killing on any dancefloor! Between the ethnic vocals and oriental instruments on the breakdowns and the tribal percussion and dirty detuned lead on […]

New EDM Release Radar | September 21st | WTF Is Coming Out Friday?

Another week down, another New Music Friday at hand. You should know the drill by now, we find you the new music AHEAD of release, so you are prepared for tomorrow’s mass drop of new tunes. (It’s also my birthday so feel free to shower me with birthday wishes) Welcome to the “WTF Is Coming